Certificate in Professional Childcare


-Online Childcare Course

-Two Downloadable Certificates

The Certificate in Professional Childcare is a credentialed Course which covers 10 different modules with over 30 lessons as listed below:
✅Module 1: Childcare and Your Personality
✅Module 2: Infant and Toddler Care
✅Module 3: Learning Experiences for Infants & Toddlers
A – Curriculum For Infants & Toddlers
B – Planned Daily Activities & Routines
✅Module 4: Developmentally Appropriate Practices
✅Module 5: Guiding Children: Behaviours & Interactions
A – Behaviour Management in Children
B – Staff/Child Interactions
✅Module 6: Guiding Children: Temper Tantrums
✅Module 7: Maintaining a safe and healthy environment
A – Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention
B – Medication Administration in Childcare
C – Safe Sleep Practices in Childcare
✅Module 8: Ethical Conduct in Childcare
A – Customer Service in Childcare
B – Ethics in Childcare
C – Personal Appearance and Grooming
✅Module 9: Effective Communication with Parents in Early Years Settings
✅Module 10: Monetizing Your Childcare Knowledge
✅Multiple Choice E-Examination: Childcare Competency

At the end of the Course, You will take a Competency Examination to test your knowledge of professional childcare. You will also learn how to monetize your childcare knowledge almost immediately.

This course comes with 2 E-Certificates at No Extra Charge:
1. Certificate in Professional Childcare
2. Childcare Competency Certificate.

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