Certified Childcare Consultant


Online Course

E-Certificate will be issued at the end of the course.

It’s time to Monetize Your Childcare Knowledge and Expertise.

This Consulting Course is designed for Certified Childcare Professionals, Seasoned Early Years Educators, Teachers and Administrators who are ready to monetize their Childcare Knowledge and Expertise.

This course will provide you with an overview of the “World” of Childcare Consulting and to help you develop the basic skills and knowledge needed to Succeed in the Childcare Consulting Industry.

This Course covers 9 Modules:
1. The Consultant in You
2. Skills Development
3. Niche Identification – Choosing your Specialty
4. Types of Services you can offer as a Childcare Consultant
5. Launching and Positioning your Brand
6. How to get clients without stress.
7. Managing your Clients Expectations
8. Mistakes to avoid as a new consultant.
9. Planning your Fees to earn 7 Figures.

A “Certified Childcare Consultant” Certificate will be issued at the end of the Course.

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