Inclusive/Special Needs Early Childhood Facility


Course Highlights:

Module 1: Considerations for running an Inclusive Early Childhood Program

Module 2: Designing your Inclusive Program

Module 3: Setting up an effective management structure for your Inclusive Program

Module 4: Customer service and relationship management in inclusive settings

Module 5: Services and Business models for Inclusion settings

And more….

Why take this Course?

The concept of inclusion is quite challenging and wide-ranging. Research shows that many early childhood professionals have a common understanding of inclusion, but lack proper implementation skills and knowledge.

What You Will Learn

This course provides a highly informative yet concise process of setting up and managing an effective inclusive early childhood setting.

This course covers a carefully structured 10 modules that answers all your questions about inclusion.

Course Highlights:

Lesson 1: Overview of Inclusion
Lesson 2: Defining Inclusion
Lesson 1: Defining your objective
Lesson 2: Overhauling your entire program
Lesson 1: Setting up a management team (roles and responsibilities)
Lesson 2: Collaborations and Teaming
Lesson 3: Identifying common disabilities in early childhood settings, and the specialists and personnel they require.
Lesson 1: Defining excellent service in an Inclusive program
Lesson 2: Creating your “Inclusion” philosophy
Lesson 3: creating an Inclusion strategic plan for service delivery
Lesson 4: Implementing an Inclusion customer service strategic plan
Lesson 1: Visibility strategies for your inclusive program

Further Readings

Open Assessment Test – Case studies

If you love our professional childcare courses, you will love this course even more.

Who is this Course for?

  • Early childhood professionals
  • special education administrators
  • Daycare owners
  • School owners
  • Counselors
  • Psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Parents of children with special needs
  • Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) and
  • Researchers of special needs and inclusive education


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